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Gut Health 101: Nutrition Workshop

WITH Shannon Dolan  Saturday at 10am

More than 90% of diseases stem from issues within the gut. Learn how to cultivate a healthier microbiome and get your body feeling its best through better nutrition.

In this 1-hour workshop, you will gain the tools to get your gut in tip-top shape. We will examine our own 3-day food logs, find trends in our eating patterns and be able to see where we can improve for optimal function. Upon completion, you will be given a take-home handout listing recommended foods to feed the healthy bacteria in your gut allowing for more energy, less brain fog, and overall improved health.

Sign up early and receive a 3-day food journal to complete prior to taking this workshop in order to do the self-evaluation. If you are unable to complete the log, you can still attend and use the tips to evaluate your diet on your own.

All levels welcome. Questions? Email

min 3, max 20

$15 for all
10% discount for VIP

Saturday, August 17

in the Studio

About Shannon

Shannon is a Master Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, and Health Coach with a BS in Nutrition. Through exercise, nutrition, and mindful meditation strategies, Shannon has helped clients of all types find their path to a healthy lifestyle.


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