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Full Body Foam Roll: A Self-Healing Workshop

WITH Sara Garonzik  Sunday at 11:30am

Learn the techniques and science behind foam rolling as Sara leads you on a guided journey of your body, from the bottom of your feet to your often tense muscles of the skull.
The foam roller is not only a great tool to increase flexibility, but is optimal for releasing lactic acid following a heavy workout, activating the lymphatic system to flush toxins and excess fluid of the body, and provides full body muscle self-massage and relief. Foam rolling is great for both athletes and amateurs alike who are looking for a deeper connection between their mind and body. Whether you're looking to cool down using active and passive stretches following a workout or just want to relieve regular body aches and pains, this class is great for all levels.
Foam Rollers will be provided during the workshop and can be purchased for $20 -- $10 OFF the regular price!

Sunday, May 5
in the Studio

$20 for everyone
VIP Members extra 10%


Meet Your Instructor, Sara Garonzik
Sara is a certified Pilates Instructor and no stranger to the love/hate relationship that comes from using a foam roller. Sara is passionate about sharing her knowledge in all disciplines of fitness, but in 2014 she took her 15 year Pilates practice to the next level and became certified under Melinda Bryan at the Pilates Studio of Los Angeles.

In her classes you can expect to gain a deeper knowledge of your body as she walks the line between challenge and form with warm humor sprinkled into the conversation. The only pre-requisite is an open mind and a readiness to move better throughout your daily life!

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