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Radiant Core™

WITH Maricarmen  10 a.m. Tuesdays

Challenge and transform your fitness and yoga practice with this activating series that integrates various core techniques into a unique method. Ignite your inner fire in these intermediate level classes that aim to cultivate what the Japanese call "Haragei" or " Belly Art" , where the intelligence of the belly ( Manipura Chakra) is fully integrated into your daily life.

What clients are saying....
"I expected the class to be fun and challenging, but I didn't expect such fast results! By the second class I was already stronger, and ended up completely motivated and encouraged by the efficiency of the class work. Working smarter in the gym was a revelation, and I've easily maintained and continued to use the strength I gained."

Maricarmen has been practicing, teaching and living yoga for over 22 years. This creative fitness series has been designed to reflect the energy of her dynamic yoga classes and her training in the Yoga Tune Up® and Pilates Method while inspiring clients to try something new to wake up their body and fitness routine. This is a transformational core class that will change you from the inside out!

2 week programs
Members: $34
Non-members: $40
Limited to 24, min 10
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