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Michelle Metzler

Michelle Metzler
Michelle Metzler
Massage Therapist (Sub)
Bio/Qualifications Michelle Metzler, NCBTMB is a nationally certified massage therapist and has been a member of the American Massage Therapy Association for nine years. She received her training in Wisconsin at Blue Sky Educational Foundation. In addition, she has also earned a certification in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy. Michelle specializes in therapy for the relief of pain, increasing range of motion, and performance enhancement. Her extensive knowledge of anatomy, hard work, and energy has given her the opportunity to work with many world class athletes and performers. For the past four years, Michelle had been traveling and working as part of the medical team for Riverdance. Not only has she worked with dancers, singers, and musicians, she has also in the past worked with professional and Olympic athletes. She could not be happier with her decision to move to Austin and looks forward to continuing her passion of helping and caring for others through massage therapy and baking!
Licensed Massage Therapist
Joined the CHF Team in: 2006
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