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Jesus Banda

Jesus Banda
Jesus Banda
Massage Therapist
Jesus has been a massage therapist for 17 years, and is a recent graduate of Respiratory Therapy school. He studied Massage Therapy in Phoenix, Arizona, where he completed a 1000-hour program. Jesus is a healer with an intuitive, in-depth, fix-it approach, and combines multiple therapeutic modalities to create an adaptive experience for people of all walks of life. The use of multiple modalities assist in correcting postural imperfections and accelerate the healing process for optimal performance. His massage technique pulls from reflexology, to Muscle Restore technique, to cupping, and myofascial release to correct and balance clients' bodies. Among his many specialties are Muscle Restore Technique (MRT), a technique developed to decrease tension headaches and migraines.
Jesus is a native Texan, who loves his family, friends, and the outdoors. He enjoys traveling and food from all cultures. He shares his home with his wife and their dog Winston, and is a fantastic uncle to four beautiful little girls and two adorable boys.
Joined the Castle Hill Fitness Team in: 2020


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