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Personalized Coaching and Training

Improve your performance and fitness on the bike with one of our coaches. We work with athletes of all levels specializing in those new to the sport of cycling or triathlon. Learn the tips and tricks to keep you at the front of the pack with a personalized coaching plan. Like a Sherpa, our outdoor coaching uses the experience of the staff to guide you safely and keep your progression moving upwards.

Cycling service pricing One session Five sessions
1-hour coached session $85 $360
2-hour coached session $150 $700

Velotron Cycling Simulation

Ride our fully adjustable computerized cycling ergometer, and sharpen your technique whether you are a racer or a novice cyclist. Enjoy realistic riding over ever changing terrain, while monitoring watts, heart rate, speed, cadence, and pedaling efficiency. Develop equal power between right and left leg thanks to SpinScan analysis. Perfect your position and use of gears with virtual shifting. Attack world class climbs in the comfort of our air conditioned room. Race your toughest opponent - yourself - thanks to the ability to save your riding performance for analysis and for future comparison. Because the Velotron is fully adjustable and provides instant performance feedback; we also use it for the most accurate bike fit you can expect.

Comprehensive bike fit
(3 hours)
Bike fit tuning
(1 hour)
Cleat position analysis
(1.5 hours)

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