"It is so great to be back, I love love y'all's gym! Everybody is fantastic and I'm starting to get classes back into my workout regimen. Love them all so far!"
Kiley Grantges

"I am one of the first clients of Castle Hill and it is truly my home away from home as well. I can honestly say that I am in better shape and..."
Janet Sullivan

"I am enjoying the gym so much. I have tried 3 gyms in my adult life and never went more than a handful of times...I like that Jenn knows my name when..."

"I love the little community you've created at Castle Hill... thanks for all your work! "
Lesley Ramsey

"This gym is not merely a place to workout like a gerbil in wheel. Castle Hill encourages you to make health and fitness a lifestyle. "
Amy S

"I think you could successfully promote your environmentally conscious gym in advertising. It is so attractive to many Austinites to find a business with that commitment and very unique as well...."
Laura Balla

"I am not a member of Castle Hill Fitness, but I am a huge fan and follower of John Steinle, one of their resident massage therapists. I discovered him 5 years ago..."

"Castle Hill is different from other gyms because of the cool laid back atmosphere and it's not a meat market. What keep me coming back are the instructors. Great gym: clean,..."
Melody Thames

"Castle Hill Fitness is an exceptional place. Thanks for providing such a first class facility and group of people. "
Randy Rice

"It is almost a family environment, very personal. This is the first time I really stick to a program simply because I truly enjoy the hour I spend at Castle Hill every..."
Peter Burner

Class Schedule

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 Saturday, Aug 2nd Instructor Length Level Room

Anna Gieselman
    Anna was first introduced to yoga while attending art school in Santa Fe NM in 2000. She began her yoga studies in 2004 and continues to enjoy learning new aspects of yoga therapy and wisdom training. She received her 200 hour certification through Prajna Yoga in Santa Fe NM. Anna is a committed student of Tias Little with whom she studies therapeutic yoga with a focus on anatomy and physiology, yogic wisdom and Zen meditation. She has also studied yoga for women’s health with Surya Little and Linda Spackman and is certified in pre and post natal yoga. In addition to teaching yoga she is a licensed massage therapist in the state of Texas. Her education in anatomy and myofascial release, most specifically Anatomy Trains with Tom Meyers, have greatly impacted her knowledge and practice as a yoga teacher. With a focus on proper alignment and the use of props Anna hopes to guide students towards a more open and peaceful place in their bodies and mind. Her classes are inspired by her daily journey through the rhythms of life and living in the human body. A typical class will include meditation, pranayama (breath work), and therapeutic asanas (postures) with the goal of becoming more mindful, grounded and aware of the inner workings of the body.

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Anna Gieselman

Yoga Basics is a slower tempo class focusing on the alignment of basic yoga postures. If you are new to yoga, coming back from injury, or coming back from a long yoga break this class is perfect for you to ease into a regular practice.

Anna65 minBeginnerChakras
9 amVinyasa Flow, 2-3

Jenn Coats
    Jenn is an instructor with over 2500 hours of teaching experience who began her yoga practice in 2002 as a way to recover from injuries received as dancer. She appreciates and has studied various forms of yoga, but her heart and passion lies with the vinyasa tradition in which the breath, body and mind can meld in a fluid and rhythmic moving meditation. Jenn attributes her background as an anthropologist to her firm belief that yoga truly is for everybody, regardless of age, ability, background, or beliefs. Jenn's classes are alignment based, uniquely sequenced, playfully challenging, and tailored to the needs of her students. She encourages students to explore their possibilities while offering a welcoming and community based environment.

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Jenn Coats
 Vinyasa Flow, 2-3

Vinyasa Flow is an evolving form of traditional hatha yoga that focuses on intimately linking breath and movement. Throughout the constantly flowing sequence of asana (postures), there will be a highlighted focus on strength and endurance, alongside the usual elements of flexibility, balance, and alignment. This sequence will also be interspersed with the instruction and practice of the more advanced category of inversions and arm balances!
Jenn75 min2,3Lotus
10:30 amYin Yoga Deep Stretch COMMUNITY CLASS

Kate Bero
    Kate is certified in Dharma Yoga at the 300-hour level and has been practicing yoga for ten years. What began as a simple curiosity is now a daily practice that expands far beyond the yoga mat. Kate recognizes that we often have emotions and memories held deep within our bodies and offers her classes as an awareness-based exploration of how to interact with this inner landscape in ways that are healthy and self-nurturing. She believes all forms of yoga offer a beautiful practice that expands the cultivation of awareness, compassion and understanding. Yin Yoga, marked by it's slow, still, meditative qualities, is the perfect modality to practice self awareness and drop inside while softening our exterior shell.

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Kate Bero
 Yin Yoga Deep Stretch COMMUNITY CLASS

A long, relaxed stretch practice of the connective tissue with an emphasis on the spine, hips and legs. The practice promotes joint mobility, de-stressing, pain management, and a calm mind. Suitable for yogis and athletes alike. All levels.
Kate80 minAllChakras
10:45 amForrest Yoga

Ashley Cheng
    Ashley is a native Austinite and Forrest yoga instructor. She approaches her teaching practice like a fine meal – taking each pose one bite at a time and savoring every breath as a nourishing, decadent experience. Her classes emphasize thoughtful alignment and artful sequencing while building a deep connection to the breath. She’s passionate about providing a deliciously playful space for students of all levels to cultivate their own healing practice. In addition to completing the Forrest Yoga Foundations Training, she is a certified Vinyasa instructor through YogaWorks and has completed advanced teacher trainings in hands-on healing and assisting through YogaHOPE founder Sue Jones and Prana Flow’s Simon Park. Most recently she completed a year-long mentorship under Forrest Yoga Gaurdians Catherine Allen and Ann Hyde. You can learn more about Ashley at www.yogiaustin.com

    View Ashley's weekly schedule...

Ashley Cheng
 Forrest Yoga

Forrest Yoga uses dynamic pose sequencing, taught with compassion, to deeply engage the breath into every cell while building strength, intelligent body awareness, and flexibility. In a warm setting, we infuse the benefits of sweating out toxins with teaching students to deepen their relationship with their authentic selves. The classes are a series of carefully constructed postures designed to strip numbness from your core, help you breathe and move in ways that release emotional shielding, and prevent and heal injury.

Ashley C.75 minAllLotus
NoonRealign and Shine

Kellie Arnold
    Kellie Arnold is an Anusara-Inspired™ instructor. She first found yoga when searching for the next physical activity to challenge her body. She fell in love with it when she found it soothed her mind as well. She originally trained with Baron Baptiste who taught her how to be herself. Then she found Anusara® Yoga which continued her passion for authenticity while adding the alignment for the nerdy engineer inside. Her classes illustrate her journey; a journey that can take on many forms and yet at the heart of the practice is goodness and bliss.

    View Kellie 's weekly schedule...

Kellie Arnold
 Realign and Shine

A time of play and practice awaits you! Fuse breath and movement in this fun and active class which offers an ongoing exploration into the practice of yoga. As you bring your physical body into alignment, your spirit will follow. Shine into your weekend fully integrated. All levels
Kellie (sub)85 min2,3Chakras

Our Class Levels are: BEG=Beginner 1=novice 2=intermediate 3=advanced 4=expert All=All levels
Your practice should be in tune with your level of fitness and flexibility: listen to your body!

NOT A MEMBER? No Problem! Our Classes are open to all non-members; click for prices.

COMMUNITY CLASS are $10 for non-members ($6 for Premier members)
All regular classes are Free for VIP members

NOTES on Ashtanga Mysore classes that display the symbol:
No practice on full moon and new moon days according to the Ashtanga tradition.
The no practice dates are: Aug 10, Aug 25, Sept 8, Sept 24, Oct 8, Oct 23, Nov 6, Dec 21.
Ashtanga Mysore evening classes and led classes STILL meet.

*Participation in Mysore requires a separate program pass. Click for details...

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