"Thank you Celeste. My experience with Mo today was great. John definitely has competition. She focused appropriately on my problem area and found other adjacent areas that were an issue...."

"Your gym is the best! And I am proud of your commitments to your love for health, life and the environment. "
Katherine Butler

"Absolutely love taking classes with Annick. She has great music, the sessions are challenging, and she also helps spinners set goals and measure their progress throughout the class. Great, great, great."

"Just wanted to thank you for a great class this morning. To be honest, it may be one of the best have attended in years. The music selection was awesome and your..."
Bob Blomquist

"Deborah is absolutely INCREDIBLE ! I had been working out for many years and was looking for someone to take my exercise plan to the next level. I was looking..."
Sherri Taylor

"Know that I recognize and deeply value the loving contribution of artistic form + imaginative function = Castle Hill Fitness "
Dianne Graham

"I had no idea that the most favorite gym that I've ever used in my life, the one that finally turned around my contempt of exercise by actually making it fun and..."
Heather Page

"I'm very proud of you and proud to be a member of Castle Hill! "
Toni Thomasson

"I've been a member of Castle Hill for over seven years now and this was my first time to attempt Pilates. Mandie made the experience very enjoyable and I look forward to..."

"I love Castle Hill and the people in it - thanks for all that you do for us! "
Amy Roberts

Foundational Values

Our Customers

Our customers include everyone we interact with inside and around the Castle. That includes paying clients, guests, employees, passersby.

Personal Touch

We want to know who you are. We believe in the psychological value of acknowledging others and being "seen" by others. We want to know you by name and strive to remember your interests, preferences and something personal about you.

Quick Response

Life is busy and time is valuable. We do our best to respond to you as quickly as possible. As corollaries to this commitment, we set the goal to answer phone calls by the second ring, and to acknowledge everyone within 2 seconds.

Welcome Smile

First impressions are very important. We consistently welcome all customers and new visitors with a genuine warm smile, eye-contact and offer of assistance. We recognize that our personal life challenges are our own, and always bring our best attitude to work.


A product, service or unique equipment may bring you to us. What keeps you coming back is the atmosphere, the energy, and the personality of the people inside the Castle. We share our passion and belief in what we do, and take care that the physical environment and aesthetics of the place reflect that passion. All of us are janitors or maintenance technicians when necessary to correct a deficiency that is within our reach.

Follow-up, Communication & Continuous Improvement

We listen to and welcome your feedback; it is a privilege without which our culture stagnates. We are a living, breathing and changing organization. Open communication with you is the key to our success. We pay the most attention to the feedback that is most painful, for it affords our greatest opportunity to grow.

Creating Comfort

New customers may feel intimidated about learning what we have to offer. We use our genuine manners, care, attention and respect of boundaries to reduce those barriers.


Our job is to inform you of our wellness resources - sharing our excitement and strong belief in what we do. We are here to empower you with knowledge, skills and confidence. So we enroll in continuing education, become customers as often as possible, and experience first hand what we have to offer.

Being Present

YOU are the reason for the existence of the Castle. We are aware of this fact at all times, and remain present for you in every interaction. Without you, we do not have a job here.


We encourage you to try and experience what we offer. We strive to make ourselves available to explain, demonstrate, and demystify our environment for your greatest enjoyment.

Read our house etiquette...
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